Consultation Fees

Consultation fees vary between acute and chronic cases and online and face-to-face appointments. Chronic cases require more attention and time compared to acute cases, while face-to-face appointments allow for a more thorough examination.

ACUTE CASE (conditions with a history of less than 3 weeks where it is only persistent for 3 to 4 days

Initial Appointment: 1 Hour (Face-to-face/Onsite) = AU$150.00
Initial Appointment: 1 Hour (Online) = AU$125.00
Follow-Up Appointment: 30 Mins (Face-to-face/Onsite) = AU$100.00
Follow-Up Appointment: 30 Mins (Online) = AU$75.00

CHRONIC CASE (conditions which has a history of more than 3 weeks)

Initial Appointment: 1-2 Hours (Face-to-face/Onsite) = AU$300.00
Initial Appointment: 1-2 Hours (Online) = AU$250.00
Follow-Up Appointment: 1 Hour (Face-to-face/Onsite) = AU$125.00
Follow-Up Appointment: 1 Hour (Online) = AU$100.00

In deserving cases, where the person has a disability to work, or if there is no income or if there are more than 2 consultations from the family, a reduction in fee or complete free consultation will be given to certain patients according to the provider’s discretion. We are even happy to give our services with grace without any consultation fee since our desire is to help the suffering humanity and to help them find abundant life in Christ, Yeshuah Masshiah, your Healer and Redeemer through wholistic health care.

The cost of medicines will be anywhere from AUD $15.00 to $150.00 according to what is required for you. There will not be any reduction in the cost of the medicine at any time, since we purchase them from various sources in Australia, United States, Germany, India and Switzerland & we Strive to keep up the BEST QUALITY of medicine and treatment & will not compromise on that aspect.

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